Oh the fun we have in the kitchen and most times it is unplanned for.  My kitchen is a small, galley kitchen, but I love being in there and cooking or baking.  I always have a cooking partner in Jasmine, she is glued to my side just in case I might drop something on the floor.  Chauncey and Blueberry are content to hang out in the living room and watch from there.  Many times I will have some small thing in my cooking that I use for a reward and the cloth mats make good places to practice obedience.

Last night I had a bag of croutons on the counter and Jasmine showed up while I was waiting for the water to boil.  Thinking quick, I started playing with her by getting her to back up a few steps and then fold back into her downs.  She loves this and gets faster and faster doing this.  I had to settle her down as she starts getting goofy and offering other behaviours as well trying to get more treats in a hurry.

Blueberry showed up when she heard Jasmine getting food so she did  a few fold back downs as well and some stands.  Blueberry has a totally different idea of training than Jasmine.  She is much slower and takes her time to think things through where Jasmine just hurries through it all trying to get more rewards.  Often with Jasmine I will just reward with a slow pet on the head and verbal praise as that calms her down to focus and realize that food is not the only reward for doing something correctly.

Chauncey showed up for the food and just got some for being Chauncey.  There are definitely benefits of being the queen and retired from training:o)  Always something to do in the kitchen with the girls.