We have had almost 48 hours of rain here, from torrential downpours to light sprinkles.  I have been working on re-charging my exercise routine as it has been practically non-existent in the hot weather we have had this summer.  Since I hit the snooze button this morning, deciding to sleep another hour until 6:00am and not walk in the pouring rain, I took Blueberry to work with me, hoping to get a walk in on my lunch break.  It stormed most of the morning and about noon let up to almost nothing.  I was finally able to head out about 1:30 with Blueberry and we went to the park next door, which has some very nice walking areas and much of the path lies around the edge of Lake Parker.  We made it halfway around the first time before it started raining harder.  By the second time around it was a steady downpour so we were both quite wet by the time we got back to work.  As you can see by the above picture, once Blueberry’s hair got wet, it went flat and curly.  At least she looks cute like that, my hair just looks frizzy!!