I met up with Joyce yesterday to track with Blueberry and one of her guys.  We tracked at the Astatula location, a subdivision that has no houses in it.  I wanted to work more on turns and not so much length today, so Joyce laid a track for Blueberry, then while it was aging she laid one for her dog and I would put in crosstracks later.  While waiting we discussed tracking ideas and looked at puppy pictures:o)

At about 50 minutes aged, I lined Blueberry up and got her started on the track.  When Joyce laid the track there was not much breeze, but as we were starting it really kicked up.  The first leg, the breeze blew across the track, so Blueberry worked a couple of feet to the right of the actual track.  She worked the turn well and due to the wind checked really hard to the right before heading to the left at an angle, into the wind.  Headed down leg two where she found her first article, when she reached the second turn she noticed a school that backs up to the land we were on and a lot of children were heading out to the playground area, so she stood a moment to watch all the movement and noise.  At this turn, Blueberry was working around it a lot and the started pulling more acutely to the right, I could see a flag at a  90 degree location from the turn and didn’t go with her like she wanted, so she circled back for another check and then wanted to do an acute turn again.  This time Joyce yelled at me “your dog is correct”, so I went with her. One day I will get it right and trust my dog completely.  The wind was at her back and she found her second article and checked out turn three and then headed uphill and up wind on the fourth leg. On this leg she touched the article with her nose, but did no stop on it, just headed on to the next turn.  Blueberry worked turn number four with no problem and again the wind was blowing across the track so she was off and on with her scenting.  She found the glove and got her reward.

Blueberry’s track ended up 370 yards, 4 turns, aged 50 minutes, with a heavy breeze.

On our way back down the road that runs between two parts of the subdivision, Joyce had laid a long leg for her dog and put flags out where she wanted the crosstracks to go and timed it just right for when my track was done I could lay the crosstracks on the way back, saving more long walks.  I line myself up with the first flag and Blueberry and I headed out to cross the main track. We crossed it, walked a ways out then turned to head up the track and line up with the second flag.  Blueberry thought this was fun, even though I kept her short so she didn’t add anymore than one crossing on the track.  Joyce’s reasoning behind adding Blueberry was that there have been times after we have laid a track that you see someone head out with their dog into that field.  Just a different scent for her dog to work.

After some more time for Alex’s track to age, Joyce headed out with him and I followed to pick up stuff.  He had a short first leg, and then one turn, which he worked nicely.  After the turn his track headed into the wide ditch area running alongside the road, out of the ditch and then across the road into a large field.  He worked nice up to the road and then headed across, picked up his scent on the other side and worked his way to the first crosstrack.  Here Alex worked back and forth and really gave Joyce a pull to the right.  She didn’t follow and came back to scent a circle around her, she told him to “get busy” and he just headed on down the main track.  About 20 yards after the crosstracks he found his article, then headed on for another 100 yards before his second crosstrack.  This one he indicated with a side to side movement of his head, but then continued down the main track to his glove.

So a good day was had by all even if it was hot!!!